fingerprint“I want to thank you for the fantastic investigation you conducted on this case.  You were able to obtain film of the claimant utilizing his injured body parts, as well as filming him doing exactly what we were hoping to find.  For you obtain over 5 hours of film and pinhole video without being detected was awesome!”  – Diane E., Adjuster 

“Your investigators have developed an amazing knack for obtaining video.  They continue to make every case successful by obtaining film as well as producing a high quality investigation.  It is this quality of talent in the field that helps propel your reputation as the leader in the industry.”  – Phillip A., SIU Supervisor

“Please pass my appreciation to the investigator for his work on this case.  He did an outstanding job in spotting the claimant leaving his house on foot and then following him on several busses so as to secure over 40 minutes of video for the day.  A very difficult task for one investigator and as such, very impressive.  Keep up the great work and thank you.”  – Robert J., President